About Expert Insights

Introducing Expert Insights

Expert Insights is a leading research and consulting business.

Our team, made up of industry experts, comprehensively researches business IT products and services to rate their effectiveness and functionality. We are fully independent and rank every product based on what our experts really think of it. We use in-depth categorised scoring, bespoke for each category, to rate products.

Expert Insights Website

The reviews published on the Expert Insights website are free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Expert Insights lists all vendors — not just those that pay us— so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible.

Services for Vendors

We provide every vendor the opportunity to be reviewed and showcase their products. Being the most comprehensive and helpful resource for software buyers has been our mission since we started.

Expert Insights additionally provides the following paid-for services to vendors;

Lead Generation
  • Enquires received on the Expert Insights website are passed to vendors. A charge is made for this service.
Event Presentations
  • Our experts provide presentations at vendor events, typically to an audience of resellers, MSP’s or to businesses in a specific market vertical. Our presentations are customised to provide an overview of industry trends, an independent overview of where a vendor’s product sits in the market and how it compares to competitors.
M&A Research
  • We undertake detailed research projects for organizations looking to acquire vendors. These projects are conducted under strict NDA.
  • Utilizing our in-depth knowledge, we provide vendors with trusted consultancy. Topics we typically consult on include (a) new market trends, (b) product gap with competitors and (c) improving lead generation. These projects are conducted under strict NDA.
Thought Leadership
  • Vendors use us to produce whitepapers and product overview’s for use in sales and marketing campaigns.

Services for Buyers

Expert Insights additionally provides the following paid-for services to buyers;

  • Our global team of experts are available to provide one-to-one consultancy to advise customers on the right solution
  • We help you select the right products and services
  • Achieve optimized best pricing and terms

Our Values

  • We are independent and truthful. We’re experts, we don’t do spin.
  • We will never change a review to suit a vendor. We’re fully independent with editorial integrity.
  • We are meticulous when researching and reviewing a topic. We take care in what we do and always strive for excellence.
  • We want to be completely clear to our readers about who we are and what we do. We always want to know how we can do better.

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