Mimecast Vs. Proofpoint for Email Security

Expert Insights / Jan 30, 2019

Email security is vitally important for businesses to protect their networks and private data. Email Secure Gateways should be the first line of defence for businesses, as they block incoming and internal email threats from infecting your businesses networks.

Two of the biggest email secure gateway vendors are Mimecast and Proofpoint. Both offer an email security gateway aimed at mid-sized to larger organisations, with over 250 users. Proofpoint also offers an ‘Essentials’ package, aimed at smaller companies. Both Mimecast and Proofpoint offer advanced email security features, including virus and phishing protection, spam protection and reporting.

Choosing between these two platforms may be difficult for companies, who need to compare features and pricing. For some it will come down to ‘soft’ features, such as support, pricing and account management preferences. This article will outline what both vendors are offering and show a detailed breakdown of their features.


Mimecast are a popular choice for larger companies to protect their email networks. They have high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. One of their strongest features is their social engineering protection. This includes phishing attacks, and impersonation style attacks. The service is highly customisable and offers a good level of spam protection. Mimecast offer users comprehensive reports to show email volume and protection.


Proofpoint offer a strong email security gateway which offers strong protection against viruses and phishing attacks. They have strong levels of anti-spam protection, promising to block 99% of threats with a service level agreement. They offer multi-layered threat protection, including 100% protection against known viruses. Proofpoint offers detailed reports which are quick to access and easy to administer. The service offers a range of admin controls.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the features offered by Mimecast and Proofpoint:

Feature Mimecast Proofpoint  
Threat Protection    
Malware Protection
Attachment Sandboxing
URL Rewriting
Phishing Protection
Threat Intelligence Feed
Spam Filtering    
SLA on 99% Spam Filtering Effectiveness
In-bound Spam Protection
Out-Bound Spam Protection
Admin Features    
Outlook Plugin
Active Directory Integrations
Real time mail flow reports  
Inbound mail reports  
Outbound mail reports  
PDF Reports
End User Features    
Block and Permit senders
Email quarantines  
Bulk email delivery  
Data Loss Prevention    
Outbound filtering
Pre-defined policies

Final Thoughts

Both of these platforms are for mid-sized to larger organisations, and both are expensive services, which will take some time to learn. A basic overview is that Mimecast is slightly more fully featured, while Proofpoint is slightly easier to use.

 However, both will require a learning curve. We recommend customers trial both of these services before buying, to make sure they choose the service which is right for them.

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