Compare Forcepoint Web Security vs Zscaler Web Security

See this comparison of Forcepoint Web Security vs Zscaler Web Security.


Protection from web based threats with real time threat protection and data loss protection.


Market leading Internet and web security delivered as a cloud service.


Mid-sized to large organizations looking for strong protection from online threats.


Medium to large sized organisations looking for strong threat protection and security in an easy to use platform.

What is Forcepoint Web Security?

Forcepoint, formally known as Websense, offer a cloud based web security product. Forcepoint Web Security provides threat protection to stop online viruses infecting business networks. It also offers monitoring and analysis tools, so administrators can ensure employees are operating safely and within company policies online. They offer multiple deployment options including on-premise and cloud. The cloud option will be focused on in this review. It is targeted at mid to enterprises sized companies.

What is Zscaler Web Security?

Zscaler Web Security is a secure web gateway delivered as a cloud service, aiming to give businesses all the protection they need to defend themselves from online threats. The Zscaler platform defends against malware, advanced threats, phishing, browser exploits, malicious URLs and botnets. As well as web security, the service offers web filtering, firewalls and anti-spam functions. Admins have access to real time reporting and centralized analytics to ensure all users are safe from threats. Zscaler were one of the first companies to offer cloud web security which worked with minimal software installed on a user’s desktop.

Profile: Forcepoint Web Security

Cloud Web Filtering
Austin, TX, US
Cloud with some on-premise configuiration
Starting Price:
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Suitable For:
Medium Sized Organizations

Profile: Zscaler Web Security

Cloud Web Filtering
San Jose, CA, US
Suitable For:
Mid-sized, Enterprise, Healthcare, Government

Features of Forcepoint Web Security

  • Market leading threat protection with over 10,000 analytics available to support deep inspections
  • Great logs and filters, with custom categories for monitoring
  • Real-time analysis of threat detection and integrated data theft defence
  • Remote user inspection for enhanced
  • Granular controls over hundreds of protocols and applications mean that the service can be fine-tuned
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Long-lasting reliable service
  • Integrated Data Loss Prevention
  • Laptop and mobile protection with two endpoint agents
  • Expanded controls for remote users who use company devices for both work and personal use


  • Real time protection from online threats, with anti-virus protection and DNS Security
  • Optional cloud sandboxing for malicious files to protect against downloading threats
  • Excellent real time visibility analytics and reporting, with per-user views and real time logs
  • Granular administrative controls, including URL filtering, bandwidth control and DNS filtering
  • Focus on data protection and outbound threat protection
  • Full SLL visibility and smart cloud intelligence
  • Admins can implement a ‘Continue anyway feature,’ which allows users to visit a site they know to be safe even if Zscaler hasn’t classified it
  • Reduced latency while still maintaining strong threat protection
  • One - click Office 365 integration

Expert Insights Verdict on Forcepoint Web Security

Forcepoint Web Security is a good option for medium to enterprise-sized companies who need one of the best services for threat protection on the market. The advanced features and blocking capabilities mean this service will have no trouble blocking viruses and malware from infecting your network. Customers have reported the service has great overall performance and effectiveness. However, they also state that the service’s complex controls mean that there is a learning curve. However, this can be said of many of the advanced web security gateway services. The service also offers strong auditing and reporting.

The granular policies and security controls offered by Forcepoint, alongside strong threat protection and reports Forcepoint a strong option to consider for mid-sized to large companies looking for web security. It’s not the easiest to use platform but does offer strong protection from online threats and allows businesses to regulate and monitor online behavior during work hours.

Expert Insight

Zscaler is a market leading cloud web filtering option for medium to large sized organisations looking for strong web security with policies to protect users from online threats and monitor how employees are using the web. There are granular admin controls on offer to filter specific website pages and make sure that web filtering is suited to different teams within the organization. This platform is fully cloud based and so deployment is easy, with protection for all users, even when off the work network.

The platform has strong performance, with low latency. There are a range of reports and audits as well as real time visibility over how people use the web. However, there are also some useful end-user controls such as a ‘continue anyway’ feature, which allows people to visit sites they know to be safe, even when Zscaler suggests they don’t. This can be a good way to allow employees to be protected, without adversely impacting their ability to do their job. Businesses looking for strong threat protection with admin controls should consider the Zscaler platform.