Compare Mimecast vs Forcepoint Email Security

See this comparison of Mimecast vs Forcepoint Email Security.


Mimecast blocks malware, spam and zero-day attacks.


Offers protection against advanced threats, data loss and phishing attacks.


Enterprise organizations that need strong, reliable protection from spam with an integrated archiving solution.


Companies looking for advanced threat protection, data loss protection and protection for a mobile workforce.

Who are Mimecast

Mimecast is one of the largest global email cyber security vendors. They have a large suite of cloud based security applications to protect organisations from email and web based security threats. Their Email Security product is aimed at enterprise level customers. It utilizes multiple detection engines to provide protection from phishing, malware, spam and zero day attacks. This platform is a Secure Email Gateway, meaning it blocks potentially dangerous emails before they enter your network.

Who are Forcepoint?

Forcepoint are a US based cybersecurity company offering a range of cloud based security solutions for businesses. Their email security platform is a cloud based gateway product which stops email threats before they reach the email network. It’s a cost effective solution with a good range of features. It’s focused on stopping advanced threats, data loss protection and protecting a mobile workforce.

The Forcepoint email security service is based on the Blackspider service. This was subsequently purchased by Surfcontrol. They were were subsequently purchased by Websense. Websense were purchased by Raytheon and rebranded Raytheon|Websense. In 2016, this business was rebranded as Forcepoint.

Profile: Mimecast

Email Security Gateway
Boston, MA, US
Cloud, MX Record Redirection
Starting Price:
$8 user / month
Suitable For:

Profile: Forcepoint Email Security

Email Security Gateway
Austin, TX, US
Cloud via MX Record Redirection
Starting Price:
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Suitable For:
Enterprise Organizations

Mimecast Features:

  • Impersonation Protection blocks phishing attempts and spam
  • Popular email service, with high levels of customer satisfaction
  • High – level threat protection features including attachment sandboxing and URL protection
  • Large threat database monitoring billions of emails ensures that threat protection is up to date
  • Robust spam filtering, with guaranteed 99% spam rate detection
  • Comprehensive real time reports over your email network, including all inbound and outbound traffic
  • Self-service tools for end users, such as allowing them to block senders
  • Fully featured but easy to administer service, offering a web based dashboard from which all policies are managed
  • Email Continuity available if the email network goes down, with 100% service availability SLA
  • Includes an Email Archiving option, as well as secure messaging and large file sending

Forcepoint Email Security Features:

  • Easy to manage with an intuitive user interface
  • Advanced Classification engine stops advanced threats such as botnets and zero day malware
  • Strong data loss protection capabilities with encrypted file detection and data loss prevention
  • Multiple enhanced protection modules including email encryption and image analysis
  • Effective spam filtering and malware protection
  • Real time, time of click protection, with network defences
  • Good level of protection for mobile users
  • Security awareness training modules are available

Expert Insight

Mimecast offers a market leading Email Security platform. This platform works as a secure gateway, meaning that it blocks threats before they enter an email network. This is a very robust service, which offers a range of advanced features that will help businesses to secure themselves against email threats. This is platform offers strong protection against malware, spam and zero-day attacks. It offers real time malware defence and attachment sandboxing. Spam filtering is strong, with Mimecast offering an SLA on 99% of spam blocked. Mimecast offers a range of logs to give you real time visibility over your email network. With this platform administrators have fine-grade control over all levels of email security. End users also get controls to block senders, helping to reduce the burden on IT. Email Archiving, and Continuity and Large File Sending can be purchased as add-ons.

This platform is very popular among customers, with high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. The service is expensive and so is more suitable for larger enterprises who need the strongest level of email protection. However, the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true with Mimecast Email Security, as it is one of the strongest, fully featured email security platforms available. Organizations with a big security budget, looking for the strongest protection they can get, should consider this service.

Potential customers should note that Expert Insights has seen a trend of existing Mimecast customers researching alternative phishing protection solutions to protect against phishing attacks.

Expert Insight:

Forcepoint Email Security offers advanced email security features, which are easy to use. Their Advanced Classification engine offers businesses strong protection form advanced threats such as botnets. Forcepoint also provides strong protection from data loss and is well suited for mobile users. Forcepoint offers a range of additional services such as Cloud Sandboxing and Encryption, which can help to improve an organization's overall level of threat protection. Forcepoint is a good solution for companies looking for an easy to use platform with advanced security features.