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Email offers emerging threat prevention, spam filtering and robust malware protection.


Stop spam, viruses, ransomware and other threats.


Enterprise organizations requiring for a reliable service with a strong level of protection.


Easy integration with Office 365, other hosts and all servers.

What is Symantec Email

Symantec are a market leader in cyber security products. They are a well-known global security vendor. Their email security platform aimed businesses is a cloud based secure gateway. This means it protects email threats before they enter an email network. It provides rapid response and remediation against spear phishing, ransomware, credential theft and other advanced attacks. The core focus of this protection is on emerging threat protection, phishing defence, malware protection and spam protection.

The email security service is based upon the MessageLabs service that Symantec acquired in 2008. Symantec’s Enterprise cyber security division has been acquired by Broadcom, leading to concerns from customers and analysts about spending cuts to support and research and development for Email Security.Cloud.

Who are MailRoute?

MailRoute focuses on its core competence:

The efficient delivery of clean email.

MailRoute protects your hardware and productivity with a suite of services designed to remove spam, viruses, threats, and debilitating downtime from your email experience. MailRoute stops spam, viruses, phishing attacks, spoofing, malware, ransomware, malicious attachments, oversized files, and more. Our solutions improve your email productivity.

Businesses only need a few minutes to setup our reliable email-security services. No hardware or software to install: just sign up for a free 30-day trial, change your domain’s MX records, and you’re protected.

Mitigate threats to your business with reliable Inbound & Outbound Email Filtering and Continuity + Archiving Lite.

Profile: Symantec Email

Email Security Gateway
Mountain View, CA, US
Cloud via MX Record Redirection
Starting Price:
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Suitable For:
Enterprise, email hosting providers

Profile: MailRoute

Email Security Gateway
Cloud via MX Record Redirection
Starting Price:
$2.50 user / month
Suitable For:
MSPs, Small Businesses

Symantec Email Features:

  • Sandboxing and behaviour analysis functionality protect businesses from emerging threats such as ransomware
  • Strong phishing defence capabilities with threat isolation and impersonation controls
  • Malware and anti-spam protection with anti-virus engines and reputation based analysis
  • Symantec operates a market leading global intelligence network with information from over 175 million endpoints
  • Integrates well with other Symantec products such as data loss protection and encryption
  • Reports and analytics allow deep insights into the attacks
  • Time of click link protection helps stop sophisticated attack campaigns
  • Provides sandbox testing of attachments to protect against malware and ransomware

Expert Insight:

Symantec offer a email security solution aimed primarily a mid-sized to larger organisations. It offers organisations a good level of protection against phishing attacks, spam and malware and new emerging threats. The platform is powered by a huge intelligence network which ensures that protection is up to date and relevant for new threats. However, despite the generally high level of threat protection offered by Symantec, this solution does not compare well to other email gateway products. There have not been many new features added, and the service has stagnated compared to smaller vendors such as Barracuda, who have more innovative solutions and are more heavily focused on email security for business.

Symantec offer a reliable, robust platform. It’s not the easiest to learn or deploy, but it does offer a high level of threat protection. Large businesses who are looking to implement a reliable service that works, could consider shortlisting Symantec. However, more innovative and specialized platforms are available for email security. The recent acquisition of Symantec raises questions about the future R&D in the product.


  • Email Security, Threat Management
  • Both inbound and outbound protection
  • Continuity + Archiving Lite 30/60/90 days
  • 4 data centers, 3x redundancy and 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Free tech support from live human beings
  • Quarantine Notifications with 1-click action
  • Granular control over filters, white/blacklists and quarantine notifications
  • Admin and End-user Interface
  • Reporting, API, comprehensive admin tools
  • ITAR, HIPAA & GDPR Compliant
  • CCPA Compliant as of June 2019

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