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Agari stops social engineering attacks such as phishing with powerful AI security


Enterprise customers looking for powerful phishing protection with advanced analytics.

Who are Agari?

Agari is a cybersecurity vendor that provides large enterprises with powerful, advanced email security. In the past, Agari has had a focus primarily on helping large financial companies and banks improve their email security. But their focus now is shifting to smaller customers and bringing their powerful threat protection to a wider range of customers. Agari uses artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to protect against social engineering attacks such as business email compromise and phishing attempts. This platform works within the inbox, providing protection which works alongside O365’s inbuilt spam filter as a post-delivery protection platform. They offer a range of different modules included Advanced Threat Protection and Business Fraud Protection.

Top Alternatives to Agari


  • DMARC email authentication and enforcement protects businesses against phishing and businesses email compromise attacks
  • Powerful AI learns the inbox using the Agari Identity Graph, and effectively helps to stop social engineering attacks such as business email compromise, phishing attacks and ransomware
  • Focus on innovation means that new products are being released regularly, with more on the horizon
  • Takes a data driven approach to social engineering styled attacks, which helps to more accurately predict and prevent attacks
  • Agari operates an incident response platform, which helps to mediate attacks and contain breaches
  • Advanced analytics are on offer within a single management dashboard
  • Works both on premise and within 0365 and other cloud email hosting platforms for more flexible deployment
  • Automated threat responses make sure your business is always protected from threats
  • HSBC, Citibank and Chase Bank are reference customers

Expert Insight:

Agari is one of the market leading AI-powered email security platforms for large businesses. It has had huge success in recent years in how it has protected large financial organisations and banks. Agari uses powerful AI-powered email security to protect businesses from social email compromise, and it does this very well. Agari offers a good range of features outside of AI powered security such as DMARC email authentication to further enhance your email security.

The core strength of the Agari service is its focus on innovation and creating new products to enhance the security of an organisation. The product is a powerful tool for protecting against social engineering style attacks – and is a strong solution for enterprise size customers who need powerful protection from phishing attacks and business email compromise.

Unlike competitor services, Agari recommend the usage of Microsoft EOP (Exchange Online Protection) as a secure email gateway and for their service to be used in addition to EOP. Their reasoning is that attackers will have no indication as to how O365 is protected. However, the same argument could be applied to using a secure email gateway from one vendor and post delivery protection from another vendor.

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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