Alert Logic Dark Web Scanning

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Alert Logic Dark Web Scanning


Prevents account takeover from damaging businesses by proactively scanning the dark web to help you identify stolen and leaked information.


Identifying compromised accounts on the dark web to fight fraud and protect your brand.

What is Alert Logic Dark Web Scanning?

Alert Logic allows businesses to proactively scan the dark web to identify sensitive information that has been leaked and stolen, so that action can be taken. They offer an ‘assigned analyst’ option, meaning that they regularly scan the dark web looking for stolen credentials and passwords for your organization and key employees. They send notifications when breaches are found, allowing users to take immediate action and prevent potential attacks. This helps organizations to combat online fraud and ensure they are fully compliant.


  • Proactively monitors the dark web for stolen credentials
  • Notifies users when stolen credentials are found so that they can take immediate action
  • Allows users to fight online fraud by notifying them when accounts have been compromised, and contextualising attacks in the Alert Logic portal
  • Ensures compliance with NIST and HIPAA by recognizing stolen passwords
  • Shuts down account takeover attacks by taking action when compromised accounts are identified
  • Part of Alert Logic’s comprehensive security solution that provides Vulnerability Assessments, Threat Detection and Response and Web Application Security
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