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Apozy are a venture-backed crew of passionate hackers building technologies such as Apozy’s Airlock, a defense platform powered by Browser Isolation.


Companies who want protection and browser based isolation for all major browsers.

What is Apozy?

Apozy’s Airlock is a browser defense platform powered by Native Browser Isolation that nullifies phishing, malware and impersonation attacks. Deploy the Apozy extension to every browser in one-click with no performance overhead. Using Native Browser Isolation, Airlock transforms dangerous webpages into safe 'read-only' webpages without slowing down or breaking the page.


  • No friction: Airlock makes predictions about website risk in real time. Using Native Browser Isolation, it transforms dangerous webpages into safe 'read-only' webpages without slowing down or breaking the page.
  • Instant Deployment: Protect everyone beyond the corporate firewall without installing an agent. Choose to deploy to every browser instantly using Google Admin, Group Policy, or User Enrollment.
  • Security Incidents: Know the who, what, when, where and how of an incident before an attack is executed, behind SSL without a proxy. Airlock tracks and connects browsing events leading up to a security incident so your team can jump into action to stop damage from occurring. That means full SSL inspection level data without the pitfalls.
  • Complete Control: Easily create a security playbook that responds to incidents in real time, forward data to other systems, or integrate with your applications to alert you of a problem. Customize data collection and retention with privacy filters for compliance and peace of mind.
  • Proxy-less SSL inspection: Provides admins with the rich attack data they need to thwart future attacks without the complexity and poor user experience.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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