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AppRiver SecureTide


AppRiver offers spam and impersonation protection with daily reports.


Small to mid-sized organisations and MSPs looking for ease of use, strong spam protection and comprehensive analytics and reporting.

What is AppRiver SecureTide?

AppRiver is a business cyber security vendor founded in 2002 and based in Florida. In January 2019, they were acquired by Zix. AppRiver have a range of cloud based cyber security products that are primarily sold through resellers to companies around the world. Their email security solution is their flagship product. SecureTide is an email gateway product which blocks threats from entering your network. It offers spam and virus protection with a focus on analytics and reporting, while remaining an easy to use service. The service also offers phishing protection, impersonation prevention and domain spoofing protection.

AppRiver have been acquired by Zix, who are focussing on the SMB and MSP partner market with greater investment in the platform. They are currently integrating the Zix suite of email security and compliance solution into the AppRiver platform.

AppRiver Features:

  • Comprehensive email quarantines with multiple features and options
  • Outbound email filtering to stop outgoing threats
  • Simple deployment with no hardware or software installation needed
  • Easy to administer with modern user interface
  • User level filtering permission controls
  • Strong focus on reporting and analytics with daily spam and domain statistics reports
  • Well suited to MSPs and resellers with easy deployment and management
  • Strong threat intelligence informing the security platform with five anti-virus engines and ‘Phish Finder’ threat intelligence that learns from phishing attempts

Expert Insight:

AppRiver offers an email security solution with strong threat protection from impersonation attacks and daily reports and analytics. The service checks all names and email addresses to attempt to spot phishing attempts before they enter the email gateway. Spam filtering is robust, and all emails suspected of being a threat are placed into a fully featured and easy to manage quarantine. Daily reports and analytics are provided which can be useful to track threats and gain deeper visibility into email security. AppRiver also offers outbound email filtering. The service is very easy to deploy and administer which means it’s well suited to MSPs and small and medium sized businesses.

SecureTide doesn’t offer the most advanced or granular email security solution. However, it does offer a good layer of threat protection which is easy to manage. It offers organisations deeper insight into their email security and an easy to use service. Since the acquisition of AppRiver by Zix, customers have raised the issue of service outages.

Email Security for MSPs

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Profile: AppRiver SecureTide

Email Security Gateway
Gulf Breeze, FL, US
Cloud, MX Record Redirection
Starting Price:
Min $50/month
Suitable For:
MSPs, Small Businesses

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User Reviews

IT admin


IT, 10-25 employees

Used the product for: 2+ years

Jun 6, 2019


"Outage issues since AppRiver acquired by Zix"

What did you like best when using this solution?

Ability to purchase 0365 mailboxes and email filtering from one vendor.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Regular outages. It’s affecting our reputation with our clients.

Describe your over overall experience with AppRiver SecureTide. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We an MSP and purchase O365 mailboxes from AppRiver. The 0365 mailboxes are protected using SecureTide. There have been issues with SecureTide in March, April and May ‘19 where it has gone down and delivered Internet email to 0365.

We have renamed it 0355 due to the outages. These issues seem to have got worse since Zix acquires AppRiver.