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Stop targeted attacks and data loss across email and other cloud office applications.


Stop BEC and other targeted email attacks, Detect account takeover, Automate phishing mailbox remediation, Detect sensitive data loss over email

What is Armorblox?

Armorblox brings understanding to security to protect the most attacked layer in enterprises today: the human layer. Armorblox is a cloud office security platform that stops targeted attacks and data loss across email, messaging, and file-sharing services using natural language understanding. The Armorblox detection engine analyzes identity, behavior, and language across all enterprise communications to protect people and data where siloed solutions fall short. Organizations use preconfigured Armorblox policies to stop targeted email attacks, automate phishing mailbox remediation, and prevent outbound and lateral data loss.

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  • Stop targeted email attacks such as business email compromise, account takeover, VIP impersonation, invoice fraud, and zero-day credential phishing
  • Study detailed email-specific IOCs that draw insights from identity, behavior, and language signals.
  • Eliminate manual policy work with predefined threat categories under which suspicious emails are automatically classified e.g. Payroll Fraud, Payment Fraud, VIP Impersonation, Ransomware, etc.
  • Reduce response times with automated and configurable remediation actions for every threat category.
  • Connect Armorblox with enterprise phishing/abuse mailbox for automated detection and remediation of reported emails.
  • Reduce investigation and response times by leveraging rich email threat indicators and bulk, one-click response.
  • Futureproof protection with dynamic policies that learn from manual actions to protect against similar future threats.
  • Detect loss of sensitive data (PII/PCI) across email, messaging (e.g. Slack), and file-sharing (e.g. Box) applications.

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