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Protect sensitive data from accidental or malixious exposure.


Stopping payment fraud, executive impersonation, account takeover and confidential content prtoection.

What is Armorblox?

Armorblox brings understanding to security to protect the most attacked layer in enterprises today: the human layer. Armorblox is a cloud-native and content-aware email security platform that protects against targeted attacks such as business email compromise, account takeover, and executive impersonation. The Armorblox detection engine analyzes identity, behavior, and language across all email communications to detect attacks that other products miss. Organizations use Armorblox to deploy pre-configured policies that block suspicious emails, automate abuse mailbox remediation, and prevent outbound data loss


  • Stop targeted attacks such as business email compromise, account takeover, executive impersonation, and spear phishing
  • Study detailed email-specific analysis that draws insights from identity, behavior, and language signals.
  • Leverage threat-specific policy actions that automatically block, quarantine, or label suspicious emails.
  • Detect accidental or malicious data loss over email such as SSNs, bank account details, and account passwords.
  • Leverage policy actions that automatically block emails containing sensitive data from leaving the organization.
  • Protect confidential content from being accessed by unauthorized parties over email.
  • Connect Armorblox with enterprise phishing/abuse mailbox for centralized management with intuitive search and query.
  • Auto-remediate safe emails and known threats to focus on reported emails that need human review.
  • Remove similar suspicious emails across user mailboxes with one click.
  • Apply forward-looking remediation actions that automatically protect against similar attacks in the future.
  • Utilize pre-configured policies for every threat type that automatically block, quarantine, or label suspicious emails.
  • Leverage continuously updated policies as attacks evolve with time.
  • Customize actions per policy and add multiple actions for a single policy (per AD group, per VIP list, and so on).

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