Attivo Networks ThreatDefend

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Attivo Networks ThreatDefend


Attivo Networks provides deception based threat detection and response.


Companies looking for flexible, scalable deception based threat detection and response.

What is Attivo Networks ThreatDefend?

Attivo Networks offers a deception based threat deception and response platform. It servers, decoys, deception a endpoint deception suite to create a comprehensive early detection and active defence against cyber threats. It also offers full network visibility into threats and offers multiple incident response features such as C2 engagement, Malware Analysis within a centralized management console. It offers protection from ransomware, persistent threats, stolen credentials and man-in-the-middle attacks.


  • Deception based threat detection features with Ransomware bait, application detection, data deception and DecoyDocs
  • Offers full network visibility with attack path discovery
  • Suite of incident response tools with C2 Engagement and malware analysis which guide admins through threat remediation process
  • Range of admin features with central management console and deception test tools
  • Automatically generates deception campaigns with a *self-learning environment
  • Strong level of threat detection against ransomware, persistent threats, stolen credentials and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Flexible and easy deployment for any organisation with agentless, on-premise or cloud based options for organizations with remote branches
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Threat Detection and Response
Attivo Networks
Fremont, CA, US
Suitable For:
Enterprise, Government, Service Providers

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