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Authentic8 allows organizations to secure and control the use of the web with Silo, its cloud browser.


Financial, Government, Legal, Healthcare, Technology and Insurance firms looking for a comprehensive browser isolation solution.

Who are Authentic8?

Authentic8’s Silo aims to create an isolation layer between users and the web, delivering a remote browser session that keeps web code from reaching the environment or end device. Silo also embeds security, identity, and data policies directly into the browser, giving IT complete control over the web, regardless of device, network, or user location. Government agencies and Fortune 5000 enterprises use Silo to strengthen and simplify their security architectures, give users secure web access, control sensitive data, apps, and workflows, and conduct critical web research.


  • Web Category Policies- Good governance follows users. URL category policies and white/black lists can be applied at the group or global levels. IT can enforce employee policies on content without worrying about the risk of grey-zone websites.
  • Strong Authentication- Silo allows validation of users and devices, including multi-factor authentication.
  • User Experience- Silo sessions are accessed as a seamless, clientless experience via the local browser, or through a native, installed application.
  • Accessing web content- Users can type URLs directly, click links in other applications and render them in Silo, or configure the gateway to redirect URLs to Silo.
  • Directory sync- Silo policies are built on a hierarchical inheritance model, and can sync with your AD or LDAP instance. Adds, deletes and moves are mirrored between your infrastructure and Silo.
  • IAM for SaaS apps- Silo includes a password manager that lets IT manage credentials to web apps. When combined with Silo policies, IT gets total control over access and use of SaaS apps, and a single switch to revoke access. And users never enter credentials into phishing sites.
  • Device access policies- Users may have multiple devices or may need to work from devices outside of IT control. Silo policies can reflect device ‘trust’ as determined by IT so authorized devices get one set of entitlements, while others do not.
  • Gateway Integration- IT can forward some or all URLs to Silo for secure rendering. Silo integrates with popular SWG platforms and can seamlessly redirect or redirect with a compliance page, depending on platform.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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Browser Isolation Solutions
California, USA
Cloud Based
Suitable For:
Financial, Government, Legal, Healthcare, Technology and Insurance firms

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