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Avanan CASB


AVANAN protects your data in the cloud with the same industry-leading security you trust in your datacenter.


Organizations looking for a CASB solution for multiple cloud security products, including email.

Who are Avanan?

Avanan is one of the most complete CASB solutions in the industry. It functions as a stand-alone product and has partnered with the top vendors in data security and threat protection to provide strong security for every category of cloud threat. The platform provides organizations with visibility into their cloud solutions and threats. It provides strong security for an organization’s cloud data. It also offers a strong level of threat protection. The solution is fully compliant and provides an easy to use central management console for cloud threats.


  • Connects to existing firewalls to monitor all outbound traffic and capture real time web activity
  • Provides visibility into user behaviour on third party SaaS application
  • Captures real time and historical data about every user, file, configuration and permissions
  • Provides risk reports for each third party SaaS solution
  • Offers organizations data security with data classification, data centric access management and policy based encryption
  • Offers strong threat protection from email threats like phishing, account takeover, malware, malicious URLS and advanced threats
  • Helps business with compliance, offering compliance controls, enforcement policies and audits
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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
New York, USA
Suitable For:
Education, Healthcare, Financial Services

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User Reviews


Existing Customer

Finance, 100-250 employees

Used the product for: Less than 6 months

Jul 2, 2019


"Effective protection for Office 365 and One Drive"

What did you like best when using this solution?

Avanan is so much more than an email security solution. We have deployed Avanan onto Office 365 and use it to protect our email and OneDrive accounts.

The service is took less than 20-minutes to install via Azure Active Directory on Office 365 and doesnt require our MX records being changed.

We use the service to filter all users email for viruses, phishing and spam emails. Also Avanan scans our OneDrive accounts for viruses.

As administrator, I have visibility of an emails or files that it finds suspicious. These are categorized as spam, phishing, suspicious, DLP, anomaly or alert. The service is highly configurable on a per user or group basis. For example, we have configured the service to;

Malicious: Quarantine. User is alerted and allowed to restore the email
Anti-Phishing: User receives the email with a warning
Suspicious: User receives the email with a warning
Spam: Add [Spam] to subject

Another cool point with Avanan is that you can choose which AV engines that you use. We have the choice of Sophos Antivirus, Check Point Sandblast, Check Point Antivirus, Lastline Sandbox & Smart-Phish.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Price & Billing. The service can get costly for as you add on the different modules. Billing is annual in advance. We would prefer monthly based on active users as our user numbers fluctuate.

Describe your over overall experience with Avanan CASB. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We have been impressed with Avanan. It does this differently to traditional email security vendors. If I had one request to Avanan, it would be to bring the review of quarantined email into the management interface rather than having to trawl through a separate mailbox to find quarantined mails.