Avast Business Secure Web Gateway

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Avast Business Secure Web Gateway


Cloud-based enterprise-grade web protection for small and medium businesses.


Small and medium businesses looking for a fully scalable, cloud based solution that delivers advanced protection from web threats.

 What is the Avast Business Secure Web Gateway?

Avast Business Secure Web Gateway is a fully scalable, cloud-based cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced protection against web threats in a simple to set-up solution. It is a part of the Avast Business CloudCare platform which offers businesses multiple layers of security including endpoint and network security. Avast Business Secure Web Gateway and Avast Business CloudCare are available from Avast Business and its partners.


  • Three step easy set up with cloud based deployment that means SMBs can implement the platform in a matter of minutes
  • Enterprise-class DNS security that blocks access to known malicious websites, downloads and locations
  • Blocks malicious and deceitful websites and makes unknown threats known
  • Utilizes intelligent sandboxing technology
  • Deployed through Avast Business CloudCare providing complete network and endpoint protection through one cloud console
  • Easily modify dozens of pre-configured, dynamic block/allow lists that get updated regularly as new sites get classified.
  • Allows administrators to choose the level of content filtering they want to enforce and block requests based on their desired settings

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