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Awake Security


Awake Security continuously scans an entire environment, processes large data sets, detects threats, and reacts if necessary.


Companies looking for flexible threat detection and response with a focus on continuous network monitoring.

What is Awake Security?

Awake Security offers threat detection and response which continuously monitors a network environment, protects data, senses abnormalities and threats and responds if necessary, in real time. It allows organizations a clear overview of all network users, devices and applications so that they can gain a clear understanding of their organisation’s attack surface. It then allows organizations to identify attacks that have made it into their network with custom detection and real time visibility of entities and protocols, alongside alerts. It then allows organizations to respond to threats quickly and effectively with comprehensive response answers, forensic artefacts and timelines and reports and insights.


  • Exposes evasive threats like insider threats, credential misuse, lateral movement and data exfiltration
  • Automates threat detection by reconstructing and visualising incidents across entities, time, protocols and attack stages
  • Delivers comprehensive context on network traffic
  • Combines institutional knowledge with machine learning & AI to detect and respond to threats that are organization-specific
  • Easy deployment with no agents, manual configuration or lengthy training periods
  • Continuously monitors devices wherever they are
  • Isolates malicious intent by correlating incidents across entities, protocols, time and attack stage
  • Use deep forensics and investigation automation for quick, effective response
  • Privacy aware security system Ava uses machine learning algorithms to protect sensitive data
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Awake Security
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