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Barracuda Networks offers simple yet secure email encryption. Email encryption is available as a feature in both the Barracuda Email Security Gateway (hardware appliance) and the Barracuda Email Security Service (cloud-based). A cloud-based approach to email encryption ensures that keys are stored centrally. Key management happens automatically without any added overhead for either the users or administrators.

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Barracuda Email Encryption Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Simple and secure email encryption for either on prem or cloud based email networks.

What is Barracuda Essentials Email Encryption?

Barracuda offer email encryption for no additional charge as part of its Essentials for Email Security product.. The product works through a secure web portal, allowing emails to be easily encrypted and opened with ease by the intended recipient, while remaining secure. It requires the Barracuda Outlook plug-in to be downloaded. This operates through the cloud based Barracuda Message Centre, which also stores the keys needed to access encrypted emails. The service also includes controllable policies which can set the type of emails which need to be encrypted.

For: Barracuda customers looking for email encryption as part of an email security stack.

Not For:Customers looking for multiple advanced encryption methods.


  • Secure web portal encryption offers secure email sending that is easy to use for end users
  • Compatible with other Barracuda products, such as the Secure Email Gateway and Archiving services
  • Barracuda Message Centre web portal behaves like a normal email client and is easy to use, while encrypting all messages securely
  • Customisable encryption policies set by Administrators so emails with certain keywords, senders, recipients and domains are automatically blocked
  • Simplified, streamlined encryption process for end users
  • Range of audits and reports to give businesses visibility over email encryption as part of Barracuda’s Archiving platform

Expert Insight:

Barracuda’s Email Encryption platform is a good choice for customers already in the Barracuda eco-system. It offers businesses secure encryption of email within a secure web portal that is easy to use and access for both senders and recipients. This platform streamlines the end user encryption experience. It’s easy to user, but there are a lack of end user controls such as the functionality to recall messages and block email forwarding. Access to emails can be revoked, but only by admins, and only if the email has not already been read. However, the platform does have policies to automatically encrypt email, which can help to increase the overall email security of an organisation.

Barracuda Email Encryption is a strong email encryption service overall and offers good value for money as its included as a free module within Barracuda's email security service (Barracuda Essentials). Small and medium-sized organizations who already use Barracuda products or are looking for a competitively priced service to provide email security and email encryption should consider Barracuda Email Encryption.

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Barracuda Vendor Overview

Barracuda Networks offers solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems – efficiently and cost effectively – while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none. Barracuda's products span three distinct markets, including;

  1. Content security,
  2. Networking and application delivery
  3. Data storage, protection and disaster recovery
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Barracuda Email Encryption Features

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Barracuda Email Encryption Features

Feature Description
Secure Web Portal Emails are encrypted according to admin policies. Encrypted emails are sent, alongside a link for the recipient to log into the Barracuda Message Center.
Customisable Policies Admins can set customisable encryption policies based on sender, recipient, keywords and domains. There is a recall option which admins can use, but it is only functional if the encrypted email has not been read.
Ease of Use for End Users Works within Outlook and emails are encrypted automatically based on admin policies.
Auditing and Access Reports Available within Barracuda’s additional Archiving service.
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