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Barracuda PhishLine


PhishLine offers phishing training and simulation with advanced analytics and reporting.


Enterprise customers looking for security awareness with granular reporting and analytics to meet legal compliance needs.

What is PhishLine?

Barracuda are a global cyber security vendor with a range of cloud based email and web security products aimed at securing businesses against cyber security threats. They offer security awareness training with their PhishLine product. PhishLine offers security awareness training to business with a range of phishing simulations and training materials. PhishLine has a strong focus on reporting and analytics to give businesses insight into how well their employees are performing.


  • Automated education technology provides users with simulation based and continuous training to stop phishing attacks
  • Multiple simulated phishing campaigns going beyond email to voicemail, text and USB attacks
  • Simulated campaigns can be customised by business to help tackle unique security concerns
  • Training materials include posters and newsletters, web banners and digital learning media and quizzes and surveys for gamified training materials
  • ‘Phish’ reporting button can be plugged into email clients with its own incident response metrics
  • Multiple functions to streamline administration with Active Directory Integration, multi-factor authentication and approval workflows
  • Very granular reporting and analytics with detailed trend analysis, inbox message analytics and fully customisable reports and dashboards

Expert Insight:

Barracuda PhishLine is a good option for enterprise sized customers looking for advanced security awareness training. Simulated campaigns can be carried out on a range of different phishing attacks going beyond email, such as voicemail, text and USB. Simulated attacks and training modules can be fully customised, ideal for large enterprises facing unique security threats. Training material is fully compliant and covers a vast array of well researched security topics. The big drawback of this platform, however, is that the training material is not as engaging or interactive as some other security awareness training vendors offer.

On the other hand, this product has granular and customisable reporting, which can give you actionable insights into your organisation’s security awareness. It gives you vulnerability profiling and collects information from over 16,000 data points. The platform also offers an Outlook plug-in, which allows users to report suspected phishing emails to IT. Barracuda PhishLine is an advanced security awareness training platform, with advanced functionality.

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