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Barracuda Sentinel combines artificial intelligence, deep integration with O365, and brand protection into a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that guards against business email compromise, account takeover, spear phishing, impersonation, and other cyber fraud. Unlike traditional email gateways, it integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365’s APIs to detect attacks coming from both internal and external sources, as well as those that may already be inside your inbox.

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Barracuda Sentinel Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Sentinel prevents Spear Phishing, Account Takeover, and Business Email Compromise.

Who are Barracuda?

Barracuda is an email security vendor that provides cloud based security solutions that aim to be easy to buy, deploy and use. They have security solutions for email, networks, data and applications used by customers around the world. Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud based cyber fraud protection service. It’s powered by three AI systems that work within Outlook to scan both incoming and outgoing messages for threats within the email network. Sentinel has a focus on stopping social engineering styled threats like business email compromise and phishing attacks.

For: Medium and enterprise sized customers looking for powerful protection against phishing and social engineering attacks.

Not For: Small companies looking for email filtering to stop basic levels of spam.


  • AI systems provide real time protection against phishing attacks by recognising business communication patters
  • Admins get real time notifications for security threats and malicious emails are automatically quarantined
  • Comprehensive, powerful protection against social engineering attacks like business email compromise and CEO fraud
  • Protections against account takeover , with email accounts automatically blocked if they are compromised
  • Domain Fraud protection with DMARC authentication and analysis
  • Comprehensive analytics into security threats and threat detection reports
  • Powerful scanning provides URL and attachment protection

Expert Insight:

Barracuda Sentinel is a powerful solution for blocking phishing attacks and social engineering styled threats. Advanced machine learning algorithms allow the platform to learn an organisations communication habits and become able to spot security threats automatically. This means businesses get strong protections from phishing attacks and business email compromise, in real time. It does take a few weeks for the AI system to become installed however, meaning this service cannot be trailed before deployment.

Sentinel also offers businesses protection against Domain Fraud with DMARC authentication. The platform has a good range of administration features, with threat quarantined automatically and analytics available into threats. The platform also offers strong outbound email security, with accounts suspected of being compromised automatically blocked. Barracuda Sentinel is a strong choice for businesses looking for powerful phishing protection, especially those who already use products in the Barracuda family.

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Barracuda Vendor Overview

Barracuda Networks offers solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems – efficiently and cost effectively – while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none. Barracuda's products span three distinct markets, including;

  1. Content security,
  2. Networking and application delivery
  3. Data storage, protection and disaster recovery
Employees on LinkedIn 1366
Glassdoor Rating (309 reviews)
Founded 2003
Revenue $300 - $500 (USD) million per year
Headquarters Campbell, CA, US
Support Team Location(s) Campbell, CA, US
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Barracuda Sentinel Features

Barracuda Sentinel Features

Feature Description
Spear Phishing Protection Sentinel automatically detects and prevents phishing attempts which make it through secure email gateways. It detects links to fake sign in pages, spoof web services, and impersonated email addresses and blocks them.
Business Email Compromise AI prevents compromise by blocking attacks, but mitigates the damage if accounts are compromised too. The tool helps administrators lock out attackers and automatically flags compromised accounts, blocking outbound emails.
URL Scanning AI identifies communications patterns within emails and links, to detect when URLs are giving links to fake sign in pages and malicious webpages
AI Adaptiveness AI detected patterns and learns in real time. Customers report false positives and missed attacks, which improves the AI.
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Spear Phishing Protection
Business Email Compromise
AI Adaptiveness

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