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Powerful password management and PEDM capabilities that ensure secure privileged access for both internal and remote employees


Enterprises with a large number of remote employees, or offices spread across different locations

What is Bastion?

Bastion is WALLIX’s simplified PAM solution, available as both a software and as a virtual or physical appliance. WALLIX’s recent acquisition of Simarks has bolstered Bastion’s privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM) for Windows, and these capabilities are also available as a software. The solution is easy to use, but doesn’t compromise on security, providing organizations with full control over their privileged access. WALLIX Bastion is available both on-premises and in the cloud, making it highly flexible and giving it the ability to scale to meet an organization’s needs. It also delivers secure remote access via any browser, and remote sessions benefit from the same level of control and monitoring as internal sessions. This allows admins to monitor privilege access and session activity from anywhere.


  • Manage, control and audit access to network assets with strong security posture ensuring that only the right person has access to the right IT resources
  • With the WALLIX Password Manager, you can easily control and manage your passwords, secrets and credentials. It operates with the WALLIX vault or integrates with third-party vaults to protect and enhance existing investments
  • Advanced multi-Bastion Global Search capabilities for privileged session forensic analysis
  • Eliminate overprivileged users and minimize security risks without impeding your teams’ productivity
  • All secrets are safely stored and AAPM enables completely secure access for DevOps tools or robots for unrivaled security and control and unimpacted productivity

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