BitDam ATP

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BitDam ATP


BitDam ATP stops the phishing and malicious attacks that all others miss, at first encounter.


Securing business email, cloud drives and instant messaging in 1-click.

What is BitDam ATP?

BitDam ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is a cloud-based solution that protects organizations from threats such as ransomware, phishing, BEC and other types of malware hidden in files and links. In addition to business email (Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange), it protects cloud drives (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) and other collaboration tools.

BitDam ATP shows UNPRECEDENTED DETECTION RATES, causes zero delay to end-users and is very simple to deploy and maintain. Unlike the alternatives that give a grace period to unknown cyberthreats, BitDam’s patented attack-agnostic technology stops malicious files and links at first encounter. Independent of feeds, reputation and intelligence services, BitDam ATP detects never-seen-before attacks of any type, providing a remarkably high detection rate and empowering organizations to collaborate safely.


  • Unmatched detection rates: Detects the 25% of unknown threats that all other solutions miss
  • Protection from time zero: Identifies threats at first encounter thanks to 100% attack-agnostic technology, no need for security updates and patches
  • Always secure: Blocks malware, phishing and BEC pre-delivery, across all collaboration platforms
  • Fast and simple deployment: 2-click integration with Office365, G-Suite, Zoom, Dropbox and others, no MX record change needed
  • Seamless to end-users: In-line prevention with near zero latency and no impact on users’ productivity

Profile: BitDam ATP

Email Security Gateway
Tel Aviv, Israel
Cloud-based solution - 2-click deployment via Azure marketplace, no mx record changes
Suitable For:
Enterprises, SME and MSPs/MSSPs

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