Bitglass CASB

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Bitglass CASB


Bitglass is a next-gen CASB for any cloud application.


Organizations looking for real time threat data and threat protection in any app.

What is Bitglass CASB?

Bitglass enables data security on any device without agents. Their cloud access security broker (CASB) solution protects data end-to-end, from any cloud app to any device. Enforce access controls, limit sharing, protect against malware, avoid data leakage, and more. Bitglass provides multi-protocol, zero-day security, DLP and access control, user behaviour analytics, agentless mobile security and API management. It automatically learns and adapts to new cloud applications, new threats and new devices.


  • Advanced Threat Protection- Bitglass offers a customizable, fine-grained approach to data security. With a robust cloud DLP engine and Advanced Threat Protection capabilities, Bitglass automatically takes action on data based on content and context
  • Protect Data- Prevent data leaks and stop threats while enabling user mobility and productivity
  • Protection- Safeguard data traveling to or from the cloud via a spectrum of DLP controls including encryption, redaction, and watermarking
  • Stop all known and unknown threats instantly with Bitglass' predictive anti-malware engine, powered by Cylance
  • Real-time Security- Bitglass' agentless proxies intermediate traffic between the cloud and any endpoint, all without installing invasive profiles or agents on end-user devices
  • Provides visibility into user behaviour with a single-pane, cross-app view into the details of employees’ cloud usage
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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
California, USA
Cloud Based
Suitable For:
Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Government and Finance

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