Bravura Privilege

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Bravura Privilege


Robust password randomization and encryption, one-time access and credential rotation to manage password changes and secure shared accounts


Any enterprise looking to secure a large number of privileged accounts

What is Bravura Privilege?

Bravura Privilege, Hitachi ID Systems’ PAM solution, secures privileged users, applications and services. Highly scalable, it supports over a million password changes every day across the world. Bravura Privilege randomizes passwords and stores them in an encrypted vault that requires users to verify their identities before they’re able to access them. The solution enforces pre-authorized, one-time access so that users have just-in-time access to critical accounts. It simplifies the challenge of coordinating password changes and access to shared accounts across multiple platforms. It can integrate with all clients, servers, hypervisors, guest operating systems, databases and applications, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.


  • Discovers and classifies privileged accounts and security groups
  • Randomizes passwords and stores them in an encrypted, replicated vault
  • Requires strong authentication before granting access
  • Enforces pre-authorized and one-time access policy, to grant temporary access to privileged accounts and security groups
  • Launches login sessions automatically, through browser extensions and temporary SSH trust
  • Eliminates static embedded and service account passwords
  • Logs access requests and sessions, including video capture and key-logging

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