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The Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks and protects your endpoints using virtualization-based security.


Banking, healthcare government and manufacturing companies looking for an on-premise browser isolation solution.

Who are Bromium?

The Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks and protects your endpoints using virtualization-based security. Every time a user opens a web page, downloads a file, or clicks on an email link, Bromium creates a micro-virtual machine, isolating each task and any malware it may contain. When the task is closed, the micro-VM is terminated, and any potential threats are destroyed.


  • Secure Browsing- Stops browser exploits with isolated browsing using the Bromium Secure Browser, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Each browser tab runs in its own secure container, completely isolating web threats from the host so that they have no place to go. When the browser tab is closed, the threat is terminated along with the micro-VM.
  • Secure Files- Hardware-isolates Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and other files from the host operating system and the internal network. If a malicious document is saved via an ingress application, such as Skype or email, or even using a USB drive, it is hardware-isolated in a micro-VM every time it is opened.
  • Secure Monitoring- Delivers real-time alerts with complete forensic intelligence for each attack, including a full kill-chain analysis. Bromium Secure Monitoring correlates thousands of low-level monitoring events in real time, transforming raw data into higher-level intelligence, helping security teams maintain awareness of the overall threat posture at all times.
  • Stop relying on detection- Bromium stops polymorphic, nation-state, and zero-day threats
  • Hardware enforced Security- Bromium hardware-enforced security sits below the kernel at the CPU level, dramatically reducing your attack surface.
  • Real-time threat intelligence- Harden your defences with real-time threat intelligence. High-fidelity Breachless Threat Alerts™ are immediately shared with the security team and other endpoints.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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