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Email Marketing automation platform.


Customers looking for email automation features with advanced reporting and analytics.

Who are Campaigner?

Campaigner is an email marketing tool with a focus on advanced automation features to help you engage with the right customers at the right time. They offer a range of features which aim to help you better understand your audience. This includes data driven automation, which will optimize the best times and dates to send your audience emails. It also includes advanced audience segmentation and dynamic email content. Another core feature of this service is advanced reporting and analytics.

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  • Advanced Email Automation workflows, which allow you to send follow up or thank you emails to new subscribers, and more
  • Easy to make data based decisions on how to send emails with A/B split testing, subject line testing, different calls to action and workflow experiments
  • Dynamic email content can be created, which is different for audience segments, which allows you to send highly personalised emails to increase conversions
  • Advanced reporting features including opens, clicks and bounces, email heat maps, google analytics integrations, click trends and more
  • Reports all available on a mobile app
  • Variety of methods to create customer segments and fine tune your audience for better engagement
  • Customisable email templates to design emails, with a code editor option
  • Good range of admin features such as campaign characterization
  • Focus on ensuring high levels of deliverability

Expert Insights

Campaigner is a good option for mid-sized to larger businesses with a team of people who will be working on email marketing. It offers great features which will help automate the marketing process. You can set up workflows, which email people personalised email based on certain triggers, like downloading a document or signing up for updates. These personalisation options are easily set up, with customer segments easily identified and categorised using this service. The email template designer is not as fully featured and easy as some competitors but will still allow you to create engaging email designs.

There are also good features for teams, such as role based access to changing templates, which sets this platform apart. Reporting is another core strength of this platform. There are range of metrics and reports available, which make it easy to see how successful your campaigns are and improve them to better engage your audience. Campaigner is a good option for customers looking for advanced email automation features, and high quality, detailed reporting.

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