Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud

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Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud


Consolidates endpoint security features in one cloud based solution with superior protection, actionable visibility and simplified operations.


Organizations looking for a cloud platform that consolidates endpoint protection features into a simplified solution.

What is Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud?

The CB Predictive Security Cloud is an Endpoint Protection platform that consolidates security in the cloud, making it easy to prevent, investigate, remediate and hunt for threats. It offers businesses superior protection, visibility and simplified operations. The platform is extensible and leverages unfiltered data and streaming analytics to power multiple endpoint security services. This includes anti-virus, query and remediation, threat alerts, incident response and infrastructure protection.

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  • Prevents attacks with predictive modelling to stay one step ahead of attacks
  • Visibility into threats with clear insights into the root causes of attacs
  • Consolidates multiple capabilities in the cloud using a single endpoint agent, console and dataset
  • Predictive, real-time threat intelligence based on big data analytics
  • Unfiltered endpoint data from millions of endpoints worldwide
  • Real-time query and remediation
  • Rapid deployment of new security features and algorithms.
  • Easy to deploy, configure and use at enterprise scale
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with your security stack
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