Carbon Black ThreatHunter

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Carbon Black ThreatHunter


Offers threat hunting and incident response for endpoint devices.


Threat detection and incident response for endpoint devices, especially suited for customers using CB Defence endpoint protection

What is Carbon Black ThreatHunter?

Carbon Black ThreatHunter allows businesses to detect and respond to advanced attacks with unfiltered visibility. CB ThreatHunter correlates and visualizes comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving security professionals greater visibility into their environments. It allows admins to access a complete record of all activity on every endpoint, even when it’s offline. It gives organizations visibility into what happened at every stage of an attack, with intuitive attack chain visualisations. It uncovers advanced threats and minimizes attacker dwell time.


  • Offers quick end-to-end response and remediation of advanced threats
  • Accelerated incident response and threat hunting with unfiltered endpoint visibility
  • Rapid identification of attacker activities and root cause
  • Secure remote access to infected endpoints for in-depth investigation
  • Better protection from future attacks through automated hunting
  • Unlimited retention and scale for the largest installation
  • Out-of-the box customizable behavioural detection
  • Interactive attack chain visualization
  • Continuous and centralized recording of endpoint data
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Profile: Carbon Black ThreatHunter

Threat Detection and Response
Carbon Black
Waltham, MA
On premise, virtual private cloud or SaaS
Suitable For:
Mid-sized and large enterprises, MSSPs

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