Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway

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Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway


Cellopoint Security Gateway eliminates 99% unwanted message and provides a high-class defending capability for known and unknown threats.


Organizations looking for an on-premise secure email gateway that protects against spam and reduces admin overheads.

What is Cellopoint Security Gateway?

Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is an integrated security gateway solution deployed in front of the Mail Server. Using unique CelloOS™ technology and industry leading CelloCloud™ online threat defense system, SEG adopts multi-layer scanning system to effectively block Advanced Malware, Ransomware, Malicious URL Links, Phishing, Spam, Spyware, Email Bombs, and other threats, relaying malicious mail from entering your network and protecting the email security infrastructure, while improving mail server quality.


  • Anti-spam with sender repuatation lists
  • Anti-virus protection with integrated Bidefender and Sophos AV
  • Malicious URL scanning with time-of-click protection
  • Eliminates 99% of unwanted messages and provides a high class defending capability
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365
  • A combination of built-in anti-virus engines offers extensive real time scanning and virus definition updates
  • CelloCloud™ integrates global monitoring, intelligent content analysis, social engineering detection, and URL reputation ratings

Email Security Guide for Business

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