Censornet Email Security

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Censornet Email Security


Stop large-scale phishing, targeted attacks, CEO fraud and malware in their tracks.


Comprehensive protection for your business email users.

What is Censornet Email Security?

Censornet email security provides unparalleled and comprehensive protection for your business email users across all major email threats, including spam, viruses, large-scale phishing attacks and malicious URLs.

Email Security also includes a unique combination of advanced innovative technologies to address modern targeted and sophisticated email threats including impersonation attacks (business email compromise or CEO fraud) and unknown malware.

At the core of EMS is a sophisticated policy engine that allows the IT administrator to customize exactly how email flows in and out of the organization. The engine can inspect all aspects of email, including size, content, attachments, headers, sender, recipients and take appropriate action, such as deliver, quarantine, company quarantine, re-route, notify, reject.

Top Alternatives to Censornet Email Security


  • Unparalleled Threat Protection - Incorporates multiple technologies to ensure enterprise class threat detection rates with very high accuracy - over and above what single engine solutions can provide.
  • Total Control Over Mail Flow - Email Security combined with a full cloud based mail routing engine. Easily support multiple email service providers within a single domain and migrate between providers with ease.
  • STOP CEO Fraud in its tracks - CEO fraud is increasing exponentially. Email Security provides multi-layered protection incorporating unique features to defend against the modern email threat.
  • 100% cloud based and easy to deploy with a simple MX record change
  • Full analysis of Inbound email with optional Outbound email analysis using unlimited keyword lists. MIME type checking of file attachments with ability to block dangerous file types.
  • Multiple traditional signature and behaviour based AV engines including static sandboxing of file attachments.
  • Censornet LinkScan™ provides time of click protection from malicious URLs in emails with the option to scan links at time of delivery
  • 99.999% spam detection with near zero false positives
  • 100% virus protection
  • 10,000+ algorithms - Analysis of more than 134 variables that are extracted from every email message.
  • Enforce TLS encryption and restrict communication with other email servers that do not support the TLS protocol. Option to enable opportunistic TLS with fall back to plain text if TLS is not supported by the receiving mail server.
  • Email authentication support for SPF, DKIM and DMARC plus Nearby (cousin) Domains compared to protect against impersonation attacks.
  • Executive Tracking List - Use details synced from Active Directory to automatically detect users’ real names within header and envelope address fields.

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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