Cisco Cloud Email Security

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Cisco Cloud Email Security


Cisco protects businesses from Business Email Compromise, ransomware, malware, phishing and data loss


Large organisations looking for advanced, customizable email security with a huge threat intelligence network.

What is Cisco Cloud Email Security?

Cisco offers internet and cloud security solutions through hardware and software solutions. They are a global security vendor that sell through partners and directly to businesses of all sizes. Their Email Security platform is cloud based. It blocks threats at the email gateway, stopping them form infecting the network. It includes advanced threat defence capabilities that detects and block incoming email threats. It aims to help businesses secure themselves against business email compromise, phishing, spam and data loss.

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Cisco Cloud Email Security Features:

  • Backed by a market leading threat intelligence network, Talos, which monitors 600 billion emails per day
  • Blocks spam with reputation based filtering for URLS
  • 99% SLA on spam filtering, with a low false positive rate
  • Strong protection against Business Email Compromise
  • Machine learning techniques help to identify and block phishing attacks
  • DMARC email authentication also helps to block phishing attacks
  • Virus scanning and greymail detection to protect against malicious threats
  • Detailed message tracking and reporting through a system overview dashboard
  • Granular controls for administrators

Expert Insight:

Cisco Cloud Email Security is a strong email security platform with a range of advanced features. It’s stand out feature is it’s market leading threat intelligence which ensures email protection is always up to date. The service offers strong protection against business email compromise and phishing attacks, with machine learning techniques and DMARC Email Authentication. It also offers businesses strong protection against ransomware, malware and data loss.

The platform has granular settings so you can customise your email security, however this does mean the service is not the easiest to use and learn. The service can also be difficult to use on mobile. The pricing and advanced features offered by this service means it is well suited to larger organisations looking for powerful and customisable email security.

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