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The Cisco® Registered Envelope Service is a highly advanced cloud-based encryption-key service. Whether you need to meet compliance requirements, safeguard communications, or protect intellectual property, this flexible and scalable service supports your messaging requirements without your having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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Overall Score


Cisco Registered Envelope Service Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Offers enhanced security and controls for email encryption.

What is the Cisco Registered Envelope Service?

The Cisco Registered Envelope Service is an email encryption tool which is fully compliant and offers many customisable features and policies to end users. It has a focus on giving end users more control over the email they send. End users are given the ability to recall messages, expire them, and disable forwarding, all within their existing email platform. The solution is available as a desktop plug in and as email mobile app. The encryption service works via recipients opening encrypted emails after verifying their identity through a secure web portal. End users can manually encrypt emails and emails can be encrypted according to admin policies.

For: Customers looking for secure web portal type encryption with end user controls within existing email clients.

Not For:**Enterprise customers** looking for a comprehensive range of different encryption methods.


  • Platform is cloud based and so easy to deploy and manage, working within existing email platforms
  • Ensures businesses are taking proactive steps to increasing email security and meets compliance requirements
  • Multiple end user controls offered that are accessed within the existing email client, including requesting read receipts, setting up message expiration dates and controlling replying/forwarding
  • Emails can be automatically encrypted via policies** configured by admins
  • End users can manually encrypt emails with a button within the existing email client
  • Audits and reports offered to show where encrypted emails are being sent
  • Easy to use for end users

Expert Insight:

Cisco Registered Envelope Service is one of the most all rounded products in the Email Encryption category. It has great customisable policies for admins and the service is one of the best available for giving end users features. Senders can encrypt their own messages manually as well set forwarding rules, recall messages and set expiration dates all from their own inbox. The service is easy to deploy for admins and easy to use for end users, operating within their existing email platform on desktop and with an app on mobile. There are also good reporting and auditing tools offered.

While offering multiple end users controls and admin policies, this platform does only offer one type of encryption method. However, if your organizations is looking for secure web portal type encryption with a range of end user controls and admin polices, the Cisco Registered Envelope service is a platform you should consider.

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Cisco Registered Envelope Service Features

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Cisco Registered Envelope Service Features

Feature Description
Secure Web Portal Encrypted email is sent to the recipient, with the key stored in the cloud. The recipient verifies their identity in a secure web portal, and the decrypted message is then displayed.
Customisable policies End users are given the option to recall emails, expire emails, request read receipts and control the forwarding and replying options. Administrators are able to control what emails are encrypted.
Ease of use for end users sending email For senders, the service is easy to use. Universal device support means it’s possible for highly secure messages to be sent regardless of device. Dedicated plug ins available for Outlook, apps for iOS and Android devices.
Ease of use for end users receiving email The service is more difficult to use for recipients of encrypted emails who are limited to viewing and replying to the emails via the secure web portal. New recipients receive an email that could easily be mistaken as a phishing email.
Auditing and Access reports Easy to use interface allowing users to search for criteria and generate desired reports such as user information, user statuses and account usage.
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