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Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defence against threats on the Internet wherever users go. Our global infrastructure handles over 80 billion internet request a day, which our security engine analyses to learn where attacks are being staged even before the first victim is hit.

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Cisco Umbrella Review

Review date: October 31st 2018

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud based DNS web security gateway, offering powerful and effective security for businesses. The service blocks malware and phishing attempts from the web and integrates which existing security tools to deliver all round protection. The service also gives real time visibility on all devices on your network and roaming users to ensure they are all safely browsing and secured. The use of DNS means threats are stopped over all ports and protocols. Request rerouting is used to effectively protect without impacting performance.

Cisco has a global network and processes billions of DNS requests from millions of users daily. They are the largest vendor of DNS based web security with 175 billion daily requests, 90 million users and 30 data centres worldwide.

Benefits of Cisco Umbrella

  • Comprehensive reports delivered through accessible, modern user interface
  • Strong research into attacks to keep the threat protection ahead of the curve on upcoming security issues with statistical models on historical data to help analyse future threats
  • Very popular service for MSPs as it’s easy to install and offers comprehensive protection for customers without having management
  • Market leading filtering and protection with URL category filtering, domain level blocking and more
  • Granular administration controls with both pre-made and customisable policies
  • Active Directory integration
  • Good reporting with accessible logs and audits as well as real time visibility of users on the network
  • 80 content categories covering billions of webpages with easy management of high, moderate or low content settings and allow and block lists for admins
  • Popular with customers, who highly recommend the service

What you should know about Cisco Umbrella

  • Threat protection is good, but needs to be part of a multi-layered security approach
  • More expensive than competitors for fully featured tiers, although multiple subscription levels offered
  • Not as quite easy to manage admin controls as Webroot, although user interface is better
  • No reporting on cloud services available

Expert Insights Verdict on Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a market leading DNS based web secure gateway service. The billions of webpages filtered and advanced research intel into threat protection makes it obvious why Cisco Umbrella is the most popular DNS service on the market. The admin controls are also highly customisable with multiple security policies, 80 content categories, SafeSearch and Block Bypass. There is also AD integration offered. Reporting and auditing is easy to read and offers good visibility into the safety of businesses, with full log retention, pre made reports and scheduled reporting. The service is more expensive than competitors however and it should be known that the threat protection offered by Cisco Umbrella should be layered with other security products rather than taken as an all-in-one solution.

Expert Insights would recommend Cisco Umbrella to larger companies who don’t mind paying a higher rate for the most popular product in the DNS web security market offering an easy to use, secure service. However, for companies who want a cheaper alternative, with the same level of threat protection and better reporting, we would recommend Webroot.

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Cisco Vendor Overview

Cisco enables people to make powerful connections--whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible--providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

Employees on LinkedIn 85876
Glassdoor Rating (13666 reviews)
Founded 1984
Revenue $10+ billion (USD) per year
Headquarters San Jose, CA, US
Support Team Location(s) California, USA
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Cisco Umbrella Features

Explore the key features offered by Cisco Umbrella. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

Cisco Umbrella Features

Feature Description
Web Filtering Block malware, phishing and command & control call-backs, block by domain, on and off network control, real time block malicious URL domains, real time block outbound traffic to malicious sites
Threat Protection 80 categories covering millions of domains and billions of web pages
Reporting and Logging Visibility on devices across network regardless of location, both online and off, live graph of global and historical internet activity, retains logs, drill down reporting, scheduled reporting
Administration Controls Integration with existing tools, allow and block lists, block bypass, Safesearch, AD integration
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