CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

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CodeTwo Office 365 Migration


Easily migrate to Office 365 and between Office 365 tenants.


Office 365 Cloud Migration.

What is CodeTwo Office 365 Migration?

With this desktop application, data migrations to Office 365 from Exchange Server, as well as servers supporting IMAP, are easier than ever before. You can also migrate mailboxes between two Office 365 tenants. The program is easily configured to enable seamless move of mail to the cloud, with the help of status reports and log files for each migrated item. No matter if you are currently on Exchange 2003 or 2019, Zimbra, IBM Notes, Zarafa or G Suite, the program will make it possible for you to securely move all or selected users to Office 365.


  • Easily migrate from any version of Microsoft Exchange Server to Office 365 or Office 365 Germany
  • Freely migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants
  • Exchange mailboxes are replicated to the Cloud together with all their original content and folder structure
  • Direct migrations from older versions of Exchange, e.g. 2003 or 2007 are fully supported.
  • Migrate all mailboxes in one go, transfer data in batches or migrate within hybrid environments.
  • Support for all languages
  • Migrate Google, Zimbra and more to Office 365
  • Automatically provision and license Office 365 users
  • Secure migration with easy configuration
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