Core Privileged Access Security

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Core Privileged Access Security


No. 1 Gartner Magic Quadrant leading PAM with automatic user verification and credential rotation, and video recording of user sessions


Any enterprise looking for a trusted, flexible PAM solution

What is Core Privileged Access Security?

CyberArk holds one of the largest shares of the PAM market, offering enterprise-level, policy-driven solutions that allow IT teams to secure, manage and record privileged account activities. Their Core Privilege Access Security (PAS) solution provides multi-layered access security for privileged accounts, and comes with over 500 “out of the box” integrations. Its centralized management and reporting gives admins a clear insight as to who is accessing critical systems, and why. CyberArk’s solution comes with on-premises, cloud and SaaS deployment options, making it suitable for all organizations, no matter their state of cloud transition.


  • Continuously scan the environment to detect privileged access. Validate privilege by adding discovered accounts to a pending queue or automatically onboard and rotate accounts and credentials based on enterprise policy
  • Establish a secure control point to prevent credential exposure and isolate critical assets from end users with transparent connections to target systems via a variety of native workflows
  • Automatically record and store privileged sessions within a centralized encrypted repository. Prioritize auditing recorded and active sessions with video playback that streamlines reviewing the most suspicious activity
  • Administrators can view specific activities or keystrokes within video recordings. Detect and alert SOC and IT teams of anomalous behavior that bypasses or circumvents privileged controls
  • Automatically suspend or terminate privileged sessions based on risk assignment, and initiate automatic credential rotation in the event of privileged compromise or theft

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