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Crazy Egg


A tool to help customers identify changes that will help increase website conversions with strong A/B testing.


Customers looking for a way to monitor user behavior to test changes with A/B testing.

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is used by on over 300,000 websites to monitor user behavior. This allows you to improve your website design. Crazy Egg has a focus on helping customers identify what need improving about a website and helping them to test new ideas. They offer a range of features to help implement this. Heatmaps and recordings are offered to help visualize how customers use the website. There are a range of AB tests on offer to help you try out new ideas. A unique feature of Crazy Egg is an editor which allows you to directly make changes to your website without going through a developer. This allows you to easily test new ideas – but will not work with all websites.


  • Website editor functionality makes it easy to test new designs without going through a developer
  • Simple to use and intuitive A/B testing functionality
  • The visitor recording feature is intuitive and will help identify usability issues with your website
  • Confetti heat map is a unique feature which allows you to drill down to individual clicks that can be segmented by different metrics
  • Good customer relationship management features

Expert Insight

Crazy Egg is a good option if you are looking for user behavior management and session recording. These two features are easy to use and offer a range of information. The Confetti heat map option goes beyond what some competitors offer. You can see individual mouse clicks rather than clusters and break down how different demographics are using this site. This can help you optimize your content for all users. The A/B testing feature is also great, so you can get reports on how changes you make are affecting how people use it. This allows you to improve your engagement rate and capture more leads.

The service is missing a few features that competitors offer, such as the ability to create forms and polls to go on the site. You also cannot view real time user behaviors. This isn’t what you would expect from a high cost service, but this platform does work very well as session recording software. The ability to edit your site and view granular heat mapping options are also features unique to this service. This is a good option to consider for those looking for advanced heat maps and A/B testing functionality.

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Crazy Egg
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