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Cyberinc Isla


Cyberinc proactively stops web, email, and document-based threats with browser isolation.


Organizations looking for endpoint protection with Browser Isolation technology.

What is Cyberinc Isla?

Cyberinc helps you experience a safer Internet by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats. Cyberinc’s platform uses isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying the security strategy and delivering immediate protection. Cyberinc is trusted by businesses of all sizes and governments around the world.


  • Remote Fetch, Execute and Render- CyberInc fetches, executes, and renders all content away from the endpoint ensuring no external code touches your device.
  • Disposable Virtual Environment- Every user is isolated in a disposable remote environment to ensure no threat propagation within shared environments.
  • Protection from Compromised Web Applications- Compromised web applications are also isolated through CyberInc, safeguarding your endpoints and organizations against attack proliferation.
  • Credential Theft Protection- Render suspicious pages in a read-only mode to protect end users from unintentionally compromising their credentials or risk losing other valuable information.
  • Malvertising, Ransomware and Crypto Mining Protection- Isolate web-borne attacks and prevent breaches.
  • Zero-day Attack Protection- CyberInc doesn’t sift or scour for threats instead adopts a zero-trust model. Known attacks or zero-day attacks are stopped equally effectively.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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