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Cylance Protect


Cylance Protect offers secure endpoint protection through artificial intelligence to give prevention-first predictive security services.


Organizations looking for advanced multiple attack vector protection.

What is Cylance Protect?

Cylance’s products and services use artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware. Their technology is deployed on over ten million endpoints and protects hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide including Fortune 100 organizations and government institutions.


  • Zero-day prevention- Resilient AI model prevents zero-day payloads from executing
  • AI Malware Prevention- Field-proven AI inspects any application attempting to infect an endpoint before it executes
  • Script Management- Maintains full control of when and where scripts are run in the environment
  • Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention- Proactively identifies malicious use of memory (fileless attacks) with immediate automated prevention responses
  • Application Control for Fixed-Function Devices- Ensures fixed-function devices are in a pristine state continuously, eliminating the drift that occurs with unmanaged devices
  • Device Usage Policy Enforcement- Controls which devices can be used in the environment, eliminating external devices as a possible attack vector
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Endpoint Protection
Blackberry Cylance
California, USA
Cloud, On-Premise and Hyrbid Solutions
Suitable For:
SMBs and Enterprise

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