Cyren Email Security Gateway

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Cyren Email Security Gateway


Cyren offers comprehrensive protection from ransomware, malware, phishing and spam.


Organizations looking for easy to use comprehensive email filtering.

What is the Cyren Email Security Gateway?

Cyren Email Security is a cloud-based secure email gateway that filters your organization’s inbound and outbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam. Cyren Email Security aims to secure email communication for your business with the best threat-catch rates across the industry. The global subscription service works as an upstream email server in the cloud for your on-premise or cloud-based business email and is deployed easily for your corporate email.


  • Blocks malware, phishing, spear phishing and spam emails at the perimeter of your network
  • Offers protection from advanced threats with cloud sandboxing, malware outbreak protection and time-of-click analysis
  • Protection against Business Email Compromise, CEO Fraud, whaling and imposter emails
  • Sender Policy Framework provides email validation to prevent spoofing
  • Policy based email encryption
  • Outbound protection to stop botnet infected devices sending malware from your networks
  • Easy to use policy management and simple deployment
  • Works with all existing email channels

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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Profile: Cyren Email Security Gateway

Email Security Gateway
Virgina, US
Cloud Based
Suitable For:
Real Estate, Logisitics and Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction and Healthcare.

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