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Dashlane Business


Business password management with a focus on strong security and admin controls.


Small teams looking for a secure and easy to manage password management platform.

Who are Dashlane:

Dashlane offer a commercial and business level password management service. Their business management service offers organisation all of the benefits of their premium commercial service, including unlimited password storage, syncing across all devices and form and payment auto-fill. It also offers an Admin Console and added security. The service works by each user being given an encrypted password vault, containing their passwords for all their various accounts, which they can access with their master password.

Top Alternatives to Dashlane Business


  • Auto-log in works seamlessly for end users across devices, meaning employees don’t have to remember multiple passwords and have increased security
  • Credentials sharing between users allows teams to work on projects while sharing account details securely and safely
  • End users can reset their own master passwords, saving IT departments time
  • Easy deployment being a cloud based platform, with employees able to manage their password vaults within a desktop app or a browser extension
  • Dashlane performs dark web monitoring, meaning it scans the dark web for user credentials and passwords that have been compromised, so it can suggest you change them
  • Secure file storage within the secure password vault
  • Choice of multi-factor authentication options included to improve overall security

Expert Insights Verdict on Dashlane Business

Dashlane is one of the top vendors providing password management for consumers. The ease of use of the service, coupled with strong encryption means it offers employees a strong platform to better manage their passwords. There are also good features for small teams such as secure password sharing. Dashlane also offer reports to give businesses more visibility into employee password management. However, when it comes to business features the service is less developed. There is a lack of Microsoft AD integration which is offered by competitors like LastPass, but crucially, customers report that key admin features are missing. Admin console features such as reporting are included, but customers argue they are not as fully featured as competitor services, with fewer security policies available.

DashLane is a good option for small teams, as it prioritises ease of use for end users and management. Dashlane also offer dark web scanning and secure file storage, which will help to enhance the overall security of an organisation. Your organization is looking for a cost-effective password management solution with a basic level of admin features that is secure and easy to use, DashLane is a good option to consider.

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Jul 2, 2019


"The Best Password Manager Out There For Businesses!"

What did you like best when using this solution?

The intereface is very nicely designed, and works well on all browsers. The phone application is great. It keeps my passwords very secure, and it's very easy to share passwords among team members, which is great! Changing passwords is also easy, and there's a very useful feature to generate a new secure password.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

The price per user on the small business plan is reasonable, but I would prefer a lower cost.

Describe your over overall experience with Dashlane Business. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

Overall this product is very easy to use and helps making password management much easier for everyone in the business, regardless of their technical level. The product is very safe, and gives me peace of mind that all my accounts are protected.