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Conversational live chat and marketing platform.


Customers looking for advanced chatbot features to enhance their conversion rates.

What is Drift?

Drift is a live chat tool which advertises itself as a conversational marketing platform. By this it means it has a focus on using chatbots to qualify leads on your site, and then passing the best ones over to sales reps who will continue the conversation. They argue this helps to save your business time, provides more high quality leads and increases conversion rates. A key benefit is that this gives you real time leads, rather than a form being sent and then a response given. Drift is a young company that has grown quickly by providing chat bot based live chat software to businesses of all sizes.


  • Leads can be responded to in real time and instantly with chatbots
  • Chatbots have advanced features, like being able to book meetings with sales people for qualified leads
  • Bots run 24/7 so no need for offline forms
  • Service offers alerts when high value customers enter your site, so you can engage them more effectively
  • PlayBooks give you predesigned templates to help you set up bots with advanced functionality, without any technical knowledge
  • Chat bots are fully customizable in their messages and targeting
  • Chat windows can be fully customized and made to fit your website’s visual style
  • You can view current website visitors and start live chats with them directly
  • Customers report that the agent live chat software is very useful, giving them relevant leads that have been qualified by the chat bot

Expert Insight

Drift’s core focus is on removing lead forms, which can cause a delay between customer signalling their interest in a product, and you being able to convert them into a sale. Their solution to this problem is chat bots which can speak to customers for you. These chatbots pass qualified leads onto the human sales agents who can continue the conversation in real time.

Drift offers strong features to create advanced chatbots. You can set specific paths so that every customer gets their questions answered smoothly and quickly. This product is slightly different to others in this category for its overall focus on the chat bot feature, but these tools increase conversions efficiently. This is an expensive service, and so is suitable for larger organizations with a big customer base, who want to maximize sales, while making their customer live chatting as efficient as possible.

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Boston, MA, US
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$25 / month
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Tech companies, Mid-sized & Enterprise organizations

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Marketing Manager

Existing Customer

Design, 10-25 employees

Used the product for: 6-12 months

Jul 3, 2019


"Drift has improved our number of live chat conversions!"

What did you like best when using this solution?

The live chat is great, with loads of great features. It's awesome to know when someone has opened the messages and schedule meetings within the live chat. There are some cool features, like being able to get profiles of website visitors. You can also see old conversations with live chat customers, which is great to go back and check out past issues that customers have had.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Sometimes the mobile app can be a little frustrating to use. The back end has a lot of features and so took some time to learn, but it's very user friendly.

Describe your over overall experience with Drift. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

Drift is an aweosme tool for live chats with website customers. We generate more conversions using Drift than we did before, and we capture a lot of new prospects we wouldn't have otherwise. A lot of our customers don't like setting up calls or getting in touch with sales right off the bat, so being able to speak to them using live chat is great, we can set meetings and schedule calls very easily.