EdgeWave ePrism

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EdgeWave ePrism


A fully-featured email security gateway providing all of the traditional capabilities.


Organizations looking for a first line of defense that protects email from advanced threats before they get into their inboxes.

What is EdgeWave ePrism?

ePrism, part of EdgeWave’s Email Security Platform, is a comprehensive email security gateway. It’s the first line of defense that protects all your email users from today’s most advanced threats before they get into their inboxes. It can be deployed as a cloud-based system or on premise depending on the kind of control you want. Best of all, we deliver the industry’s lowest false positive rates, at a per user cost that any organization can afford.

Their multi-layered approach starts with proprietary next-gen technology that stops zero-minute attacks and other emerging threats without affecting your flow of legitimate business email. How? They not only leverage machine learning and multi-engine scanners, they uniquely offer expert human analysis for anything that gets past our multiple layers of defense. They also provide layers of malware and virus protection using big data that can detect “zombie” networks or botnet clients.


The features of EdgeWave ePrism include:

Zero-Minute Defense

  • Automated intelligence combined with 24/7/365 human analysis
  • Messages reviewed for psychological and technical threat cues
  • New rules are created in real time to stop emerging threats

Multi-Layered Security Approach

  • Inbound scanning for specific threats based on content analysis, virus detection, sender profiling and more
  • Adaptive Threat Detection to defend against network-based threats
  • Email Behavior Analysis
  • Sender Reputation Tracking
  • Email DNA analysis to identify dangerous or objectionable content
  • Exclusive phishing and spam filter technology quickly identifies campaigns before they penetrate users networks
  • Advanced Malware Protection – Detection of active content commonly in MSWord (Macros) and PDF (JavaScript) format.
  • Malware Sampling – Automated sampling of suspicious content with dynamic delay and real-time policy creation to detect and remove future malicious messages.
  • Suspicious Filtering – Detection of suspicious emails with suspended delivery for auto-generated rule if identified as spam.


  • Multiple anti-virus scanning engines

Flexible Demployment Options

  • Hosted SasS cloud service
  • Managed on-premise appliance

Customizable Reporting

  • Comprehensive data on both inbound and outbound messages
  • Wide-range of available report templates
  • Customization of reports to fit your organizations needs
  • Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled -Message tracking
  • Roll-up summary reports

Alerts and Notifications

  • Notifications for IT admins makeday-to-day management easier
  • Configurable to your specific requirements

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