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ThreatTest, powered by EdgeWave, is a new Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) solution that automates email threat resolution in the user’s inbox. If an attack gets through your current gateway defense, it lets employees click on suspicious emails and then instantly routes those emails through machine learning filters—as well as expert human analysis—to check the email’s true intent. In minutes the email is either verified or vanquished. All without help from IT, or end-user hassle.

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EdgeWave ThreatTest Review

Review date: February 22nd 2019

Snapshot: Edgewave stops social engineering email threats such as phishing and business email compromise.

What is Edgewave ThreatTest?

Edgewave’s Post-Delivery Detection platform is a cloud based email security platform named ThreatTest. It works within the email network to automatically block email threats. It specializes in blocking advanced social engineering attacks such as phishing and business email compromise. It’s difficult for traditional secure email gateways to block these threats, but Edgewave uses machine learning filters to verify or block suspicious email content. This process happens automatically, reducing the burden on IT departments and helping end users stay secure from advanced email threats. Edgewave reduces the risk of data loss from cyber security attacks within the organisation.

For: Medium to Enterprise sized organizations looking for powerful protection from social engineering attacks such as phishing.

Not For: Small businesses looking for basic spam and virus protection.


  • Machine Learning algorithms work automatically to block phishing attacks helping to save IT departments time and improve the overall security of an email network
  • Powerful phishing protection, with advanced machine learning capabilities powered by EdgeWave’s global Threat Detection Center research platform
  • End users can report suspicious emails from within their existing email client, which then causes suspicious email to be scanned and verified or blocked from the network
  • Reporting is available in real time to give IT insights into email communications and when users are reporting email and the automated response
  • Emails with suspicious URLs or attachments are automatically quarantined
  • Straightforward administration with centralized management dashboard and reports

Expert Insight

Edgewave ThreatTest is a unique post-delivery detection product in the powers it gives end users to report suspicious emails themselves. This can help users to become more security aware, and increases the overall protection of a business against email threats. The machine learning systems themselves offer powerful protection against malware, and advanced threats like phishing. They work within the inbox, scanning communications and identifying threats based on email meta-data and human led threat intelligent. Blocking of threats happens automatically, saving IT departments time and recourse.

Administrators get visibility over the whole process of threat detection and response with real time reports and analytics. The platform has a centralized admin dashboard and is very easy to implement. It works alongside any existing secure email gateway as an extra layer of threat protection, and directly integrates with O365 or Exchange. This platform is a strong solution for medium and enterprise sized organizations looking for an extra layer of advanced security from phishing and other social engineering attacks.

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EdgeWave Vendor Overview

EdgeWave is hyper-focused on delivering the World’s Safest Inboxe by eliminating email-borne security risks for organizations in the face of targeted, socially engineered attacks.

Website https://www.edgewave.com/
Employees on LinkedIn 64
Glassdoor Rating (57 reviews)
Founded 1995
Revenue £10 to £25 million (GBP) per year
Headquarters La Jolla, CA (US)
Support Team Location(s) La Jolla, CA (US)

EdgeWave ThreatTest Service Overview

Customer Support https://www.edgewave.com/support/
Knowledge Base https://www.edgewave.com/support/eprism-knowledgebase/
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