Egress Email Encryption

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Egress Email Encryption


Enterprise grade email encryption.


Enterprise level email encryption with multiple encryption options.

What is Egress Email Encryption?

Egress is a corporate email encryption solution. It aims to provide flexible, easy to use email protection, with the highest levels of security. It offers both secure web portal and PDF type encryption tools. As a service aimed at large organisations primarily, Egress Encryption is fully government and industry certified. They offer a large amount of customisable policies and user controls.


  • Highly secure encryption with multiple encryption options including secure web portal, PDF type encryption and PDF encryption
  • Customisable policy controls for which emails are encrypted
  • Real time end user controls over their email content after it has been shared, allowing them to revoke access, prevent downloads, prevent copy/pasting
  • Full auditing logs, even available to end users
  • Available as a cloud, on premise or hybrid solution for flexible deployment
  • Integration with existing email platforms streamlines the experience for end users
  • Easy to use web portal and user interface

Expert Insight:

Egress Email Encryption is a strong email encryption platform for large organizations looking for a way to secure send emails. It offers multiple email encryption options, including end to end encryption within outlook, secure web portal encryption and secure PDF Encryption. It’s easy to use for end users and offers a range of controls from within the existing email client, including the ability to for end users to manually encrypt email and block copying and pasting. This can greatly improve the email security of an organisation.

The platform offers a range of admin policies and controls and full auditing, so admins can track where data is leaving the organizations. The platform is aimed at enterprise level companies and so is a high cost service with advanced features. For large businesses looking for strong security, auditing and real time user controls, Egress Email Encryption is a strong solution.

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