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Egress Prevent


Email the right content to the right recipient to avoid a security breach.


Emailing the right people; emailing the right sensitive content; preventing errors on the go; preserving information barriers; avoiding user fatigue

What is Egress Prevent?

Egress Prevent uses contextual machine learning to spot when employees are about to accidentally or intentionally leak data and stop breaches before they can happen.

We inspect all email content to make sure the message body and any attachments are suitable for all recipients included. Our helpful prompts empower uses to correct mistakes before they happen, while we can also block risky emails from being sent altogether. In addition, comprehensive admin reporting dashboards provide statistics to highlight security threats.


  • Contextual machine learning: using AI algorithms that continuously learn and deeply understand a user’s specific email patterns in order to spot abnormal behaviour
  • Recipient and domain analysis: investigating recipients for historic interactions and relationships in order to detect potentially misdirected emails
  • Content analysis: interrogating the subject line, message body and attachments to identify what content you typically share with recipients and therefore prevent this content being shared with the wrong person
  • Attachment analysis: the only solution going beyond simple file name and type analysis to examine data inside attachments and detect errors
  • Content category analysis: detecting any potential mismatch between a wider category of content and an email domain or specific recipient
  • Automated encryption: analysing recipients, domains and message content to either request encryption or even block emails altogether
  • Full mobile and OWA Support: enabling users to keep data safe on the move
  • Risk analysis: offering different tiers of risk alerts for users to spot anomalies and determine the right course of action
  • Intelligent notifications: unobtrusive prompts alerting users to a potential error, and requesting confirmation before sending
  • Administrator alerts: notifying administrators of how often emails are being sent to the wrong recipients

Expert Insight:

Egress Prevent is a strong tool for businesses to stop employees sending emails to the wrong people and, in doing so, put sensitive data at risk. The platform is based on self-learning machine learning systems which sit within the email network. It analyses conversation histories to build a knowledge of who a user emails based on historical information. It uses this to alert users when they think they have accidentally addressed an email to the wrong person and suggest contacts they should send it to instead. This can be useful to stop confidential data leaking and meet legal compliance. It’s easy to deploy, and works within existing email clients. For end users, the only change is a message that will pop up, telling them that they may have made a mistake. The platform also offers businesses reporting which shows how accurately the platform is working.

This platform is expensive and so it suited to larger organisations looking to take steps to secure their data. It’s important to note that this is part of a stack of email security features offered by Egress and so on it’s own will not provide any protection from email threats such as spam or phishing attacks. However, Egress does offer a strong platform to help employees protect themselves from making small email mistakes that could put data at risk. Enterprise customers looking purely for misaddressed email protection should consider this platform.

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