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Offers session replay, heatmaps, debugging, customer support and CRO


Session recording and data insights - identify the user experiences of specific customer segments. Discover website bugs.

What is Full Story?

Full Story is a website conversion tool which will be highly attractive to companies looking primarily for session replay functionality to identify problems certain groups of users are having and to spot bugs. Full Story records all user sessions, which allows you to see the customer experience and optimize your site accordingly. They also offer a range of reports and insights as well as heatmapping.


  • Offers a log of JavaScript errors alongside session recording to simplify finding and fixing bugs
  • Range of segmentation options so you can see how specific user groups are engaging with your website
  • Search functionality means that it’s easy to find the sessions you want to watch
  • Offers ‘frustration signals’ which suggest users are experiencing errors, so you can view the session replay and see where things have gone wrong
  • When users are logged in, session recordings will show a customer profile which details who they are with all their session history
  • Range of admin features such as multiple integrations, multiple accounts and access to session recordings available for live chat and support teams
  • Reporting and data visualizations are offered to see user trends over time

Expert Insight

FullStory is a good solution for companies who want to see how specific audiences are using their site. Recordings of user sessions are easy to view, and the search functionality on offer means it’s easy to find a specific user group and see how they are engaging with your content. The platform highlights where users have become frustrated, which can make it easy to identify bugs and design issues. This is also helped by the inclusion of a log of script errors, which makes it easier for web development teams to spot where things have gone wrong.

This platform allows offers heatmaps and reporting which helps show how users are engaging with the site. The reporting is detailed, showing customer profiles with a history of which users had visited web pages. These features mean that Full Story is a good option to consider for companies looking for session recordings and user insights.

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