Glasswall FireTrust For Email

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Glasswall FireTrust For Email


Glasswall elimnates cyber attacks from malicious files and documents with no disruption to end users.


Organizations looking for enterprise-grade protection fromm attachment-based malware.

What is Glasswall?

Glasswall aims to completely eliminate the risk of file-based malware, to help businesses mitigate their corporate risk. Glasswall’s unique technology disarms any file-based threats, enabling workforces to operate without disruption. Glasswall remediates file structure and sanitizes risky objects such as Macros and JavaScript. This ensures that when users open attachments to emails, they can trust that files are secure.


  • Disarms known and unknown malware before it enters the organisation, delivering only clean and safe files
  • Granular policy controls to sansitize known file based risks such as malicious URLs
  • Simple Administrator UI allows configuration of robust pocily uniquely tailored to the organization's risk appetite
  • Requires no updates or signatures to achieve complete protection
  • File Preview keeps severely infected files at a distance, while providing users real-time access to document content
  • Transparent user experience enhances business continuity
  • Granular reporting provides at-a-glance insight to deep forensics
  • Glasswall FileTrust™ Threat Intelligence proves product value and powers continuous, tangible ROI
  • Supports all major file types such as .pdf, Microsoft Office files and images
  • Ensures complete compliance
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