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Global Relay Archive


Offers archiving for email, instant messaging mobile and social media with searching and analytics.


Larger organisations, especially financial institutions, looking for comprehensive auditing and logging of all electronic communications.

Who are Global Relay?

Global Relay are a leading provider of cloud-based message archiving and eDiscovery solutions. Founded in 1999 they manage data for more than 20,000 customers globally. They’re core customers are financial intuitions. They offer an archiving service that unifies all of an organization’s electronic communications in a single archive. This includes email, instant messaging, mobile communications and social media. They store data for up to 400,000 users in one archive, in a searchable database. These records are non-rewritable and tamper-proof to ensure legal compliance. They also store all meta-data and comprehensive logging and audits.

Global Relay Features:

  • Offers archiving of multiple electronic communications beyond email, with instant messaging, market data chat, mobile messaging, social media, voice and web
  • Reliable and secure communications archiving, which only stores data once to save money and storage space
  • Archive is completely tamperproof with comprehensive eDiscovery tools and legal hold, ensuring full legal compliance
  • End users can access their own archive with manageable policies, without being able to edit them
  • Archives can be accessed on mobile, web and within Outlook
  • Full auditing of who has accessed the archive with flexible, role-based permissions
  • Easy to use service, with fast support response times
  • Allows very specific keyword searches
  • Range of analytical features, with communication timelines, interactive charts and user activity monitoring which can help improve the overall security of a business’s

Expert Insight:

Global Relay offers an advanced and comprehensive email archiving service. The archive is secure and tamperproof, able to scale and secure large amounts of data. The archive can store all types of electronic communications, including wit instant messaging platforms such as Slack. This will help ensure full legal compliance and prevent data loss for large enterprises. There a range of audits available and admin controls such as retention policies and roles-based access. However, smaller companies should be aware that the service is very expensive. Fees to export data are very high, with some customers reporting they were billed up to $50 per GB, leading to an overall cost of $82,500 to transfer their archive to another platform. Global Relay also does not advertise an SLA on archiving speed.

While costs can be high, the advanced admin features and analytics make this platform a strong solution for larger companies who need full archiving of all email communications. This is a one-stop shop for securing and storing all electronic communications within a business.

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