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Easy-to-deploy VPN connection with granular access controls and a mobile-friendly app


Organizations looking for extensive security across remote devices, and particularly mobile devices, that they can set up quickly

What Is GlobalProtect?

GlobalProtect is Palo Alto Networks’ VPN solution, which delivers the capabilities of their Security Operating Platform to remote workers and mobile devices. It provides excellent protection for network connections, as well as in-depth visibility into who is accessing an organization’s network. GlobalProtect establishes a secure SSL or IPsec VPN connection between users and the network and the solution’s next-generation firewall. The connection itself supports heavy traffic by distributing requests across multiple network portals and gateways. It offers authoritative user and device identification and multi-factor authentication.


  • By leveraging next-generation firewall capabilities, GlobalProtect provides greater visibility into all traffic, users, devices and applications
  • Eliminate remote access blindspots and strengthen your security
  • GlobalProtect extends consistent security policies to users at any location and provides full visibility into all application traffic, across all ports
  • Prevent threats such as phishing and credential theft from stealing corporate data and sensitive information
  • Create precise policies that can restrict or allow access based on business need, whether users are connecting from inside or outside the organization
  • Utilize authoritative user and device identification and enforce granular access controls based on the compliance state of each device and user
  • GlobalProtect supports automated identification and access control for unmanaged devices

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Network Access Control
Palo Alto Networks
Santa Clara, California, US
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