Google Cloud Armor

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Google Cloud Armor


Protects organizations against denial of service and web attacks.


Scalable DDoS defence for infrastructure and applications using Google's global infrastructure and security systems.

 What is Google Cloud Armor?

Google Cloud Armor protects organizations’ applications and infrastructure from DDoS attacks using Google’s global cloud infrastructure and security systems. Google Cloud Armor provides built-in defences against infrastructure DDoS attacks. Provided by Google, this platform has the unique benefit of experience protecting some of the world’s biggest websites like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.


  • IP allow/block lists allow you to permit or block incoming traffic based on IP address using lists
  • Flexible rules languages allow you to customize your defences and mitigate multi-vector attacks
  • Works with the HTTPS Load Balancer which provides built in infrastructure DDoS defence
  • Utilizes both pre-defined and flexible rules languages to protect your deployment
  • Policy frameworks with configurable security policies
  • Stackdriver logging with visibility into the policy and rule matched, then action taken
  • Offers Preview Mode so that organizations can learn service access patterns before you enable policies
  • IP-based and location based access controls

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DDoS Protection
Google Cloud
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Enterprise, SMBs

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