GreatHorn Email Security

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GreatHorn Email Security


GreatHorn is an easy to use solution providing sophisticated protection against email attacks.


Organizations looking for a cloud-native email security platform that protects against advanced phishing attacks.

What is GreatHorn Email Security?

GreatHorn aims to simplify email security by automating the cycle of email security. Through continuous threat detection, defence, and incident response. Office 365 and G Suite customers using GreatHorn not only gain enterprise-standard protection against both sophisticated phishing attacks and email threats, they also reduce complexity, manual remediation time, and negative impact on business operations.

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  • Offers Advanced threat intelligence with deep relationship analytics, technical and social fingerprinting, spoofing detection, and anomaly identification
  • Responds to incidents faster and eliminates PowerShell scripts with post-delivery threat, multi-factor search capabilities, forensic analysis, and end-user reporting functionality
  • Protect against impersonations, look-alike domains, business services spoofing, and business email compromise with GreatHorn's advanced impersonation and spoofing detection
  • Empowers by providing you with meaningful context and the security tools they need to make better risk decisions and become intelligent, informed, and vital parts of your security posture
  • Positive impact on business operations and minimal disruption to your business
  • Fast implementation and deployment with no MX Records to re-route
  • By automating detection, remediation, and incident response GreatHorn gives you a straightforward, effective, and comprehensive email security solution.

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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