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Hornetsecurity Aeternum


Hornetsecurity provides fully automated and secure email archiving.


Businesses looking for cost effective, easy to use email archiving.

What is Hornetsecurity Aeternum Email Archiving

No compromises fully automated, 100% archiving at affordable costs. Legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of emails without administration effort but easy access to the data - thanks to Hornetsecurity Aeternum.

Features of Hornetsecurity Aeternum Email Archiving

  • Fully automatic archiving, with emails securely stored in encrypted formats to ensure security
  • Easy search and retrieval of email with full text search, search algorithms and refine options
  • Fully legal compliant with auditors easily able to access archive at any time admins allow it
  • All emails are archived and stored for up to 30 years
  • Suitable for MSPs and Resellers with no installation of hardware or software needed
  • Cost-effective with flexible pricing
  • Admins can create custom data retention policies
  • Options to make email content private so that only the meta data can be seen

Expert Insight

Hornetsecurity offer an email archiving solution that makes sure all emails are stored securely, encrypted when moving between servers, to ensure full legal compliance. Emails are archived automatically and retrieving them in small numbers is easy. The search function allows you to search for full text terms, and then refine them to find the specific emails you are looking for. Emails cannot be edited or deleted in the archive, and there are options for admins to only be able to view email meta-data rather than the contents of personal email. This can also be applied to third party auditors, if they need to check email communications. All emails can be removed in bulk from the archive at any time, although this can potentially incur large fees.

Hornetsecurity archiving is an easy to manage and cost effective service. It’s particularly suited for small businesses, with a focus on security, compliance, and ease of use. There are a few missing features, such as the fact end users can only access their own archive through an app, rather than within their existing web client. Overall though, this is a good choice for small businesses, especially in Europe, looking for secure and easy to use email archiving. The ease of use and deployment also makes it a good option for MSPs and VARs.

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Email Archiving
Hannover, Germany
Cloud via MX Record redirection and journalling
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$3 user / month
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